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Common Questions

Why do I need a MYB Virtual Assistant?

Having an MYB Virtual Assistant working for you can help you leverage your time and income in your business. It allows you to spend more time doing the things only you can do, like signing a new contract. Busy entrepreneurs recognize the return on investment with having a VA in terms of reduced stress level, more time to generate revenue that goes to the bottom line, as well as being able to work fewer hours with more productivity.

What tasks can my MYB Virtual Assistant complete?

General Admin Task
Customer Service
Lite Record Keeping
Email & Scheduling Management Tasks
File Storage & Organization Tasks
Administrative & Blogging Tasks
Email Marketing
Video Editing
Website Maintainance
Setting up travel plans
plus a whole lot of other services.

How will the MYB Virtual Assistant know what to do?

You will spend time training the VA on the specifics for the tasks that are needed.  Typically the training does not count toward your package of hours.  Time is set to align and provide feedback for what is needed.

Why would I want a VA if it costs more than someone onsite?

When you are comparing plans, you may wonder what value you will receive for a price range of $30.00/hour to $40/hour. After all, is not it cheaper to hire someone to just work at your office?

This is not a true “apples-to-apples” comparison, though. That is because you are only factoring in the wage you pay your onsite assistant. You need to also consider the cost of office equipment, overhead, any benefits or perks you provide, and then there are the additional costs of your time during the hiring, training, reviewing (and, sometimes, even firing) process.

These are expenses that you do not have to pay for with the MYB Virtual Assistant. When you add up these costs, that “cheaper” onsite assistant is actually quite a bit more expensive.

At MYB Virtual Solutions, we provide VA’s who are hired, trained, is open to review and communication with the client, they have their own equipment, and they don’t cost you a dime in overhead.

How do I use the time purchased during this promotion?

5 hours is purchased at a rate of $200.

 Here, the client will purchase bundles of five hours at a time. This time can be used at their discretion. These hours are not renewed on a monthly basis. We will keep a record of the hours used and once all hours have been used up, the client can choose to purchase another package of hours.

Unused hours will roll over from month to month until used completely.

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