Overwhelmed? Exhausted with being the face of your business, but also managing the back-end tasks like bookkeeping, content creation, customer service and more?
Another day has passed without getting through your “to do” list?
You have clients to contact, new business opportunities to research, filing to do and outstanding emails?
Oh no, your child has a football game, but you scheduled a meeting. How did that happen?
No date night this week! Too much work and not enough time in your day/week/month?
You’ve been flying by the seat of your pants with no systems or automation processes in place….
Pending work is piling up but you just can’t afford to hire a permanent assistant?
Is that your cup running over???

There is a solution to these and other concerns for your business.

Hi, I am Therese Winters, Virtual Assistant and Owner of MINE Your Business Virtual Solutions. We can assist with everyday essential tasks you don’t have adequate time to do because you’re too busy growing your business. You might even be wearing all the hats in your company; sales and marketing manager, CEO, strategic planner, etc. With us managing these administrative and business processes, you will experience better time management, making you more effective and enhancing your POWER to be your best. In addition, MINE Your Business will save you time and money, as well as give you the freedom to balance your personal life and business.

MINE Your Business Virtual Solutions, MYB, can provide service options for those vital tasks that too often are placed on the “back burner.” MYB can also handle those that need efficient managing on an on-going basis. Vital services are provided to your business from your personal “on-call, go to” person. What’s equally important to you is that you only pay for time spent on YOUR project AND work can be done outside normal business hours!

Just as you are a business owner and care about the success of your company, I share the same passion! As your virtual assistant, I value my business – it’s my livelihood! I want you to call me again, and again, as well as tell others about my services. My focus is on providing superior service – service you can have secure confidence in.

When it comes to your business, time, efficiency, and professionalism MINE Your Business can make the difference.

Protect Your Mission, Vision, and Message

Let Me Help You In Your Business…