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Gear-Up Starter Pack - $1,679

Pre-Gear Up, discuss your business needs for seamless onboarding with a tailored virtual assistant.  Our commitment is to provide professional service for your unique small business.

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What’s Included:

Your Ally in Leadership Development

As we embark on our journey together, you can grow your business without the need to hire additional employees.  Our scheduled Client Alignment time offers invaluable mentorship and accountability for you and your Virtual Assistant.  This ensures that you receive professional guidance and support tailored to your needs.

Onboarding, Policies, & Procedures

Your  VA has extensive administrative, HR, and sales/marketing expertise,  with over 30 years of proficiency.  And has managed the company for over six years.  To promote a successful working relationship, we provide a tailored orientation session focusing on aspects like skills, availability, work methods, communication, and vital soft skills.

Task Delegation Plan and Continuous Support

provide a structured approach for assigning responsibilities and offering ongoing assistance to small business owners.  This strategic and thoughtful allocation of tasks and responsibilities enables the business owner to delegate tasks to the virtual assistant while ensuring continuous support and availability beyond the initial delegation of tasks.

Delegate to Elevate Training Course

Unlock the full potential of your small business with our comprehensive suite of resources designed to empower entrepreneurs like you.  Our Task Delegation Plan, Continued Support, and Delegation to Elevate Course offered through MINEYoBiz Academy provide invaluable tools and insights to help you thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

30-Hour Kickstart with a Guarantee

Embark on a seamless journey to productivity with our “30-Hour Kickstart.”  Your Virtual Assistant begins working within 30 hours.  We stand by our commitment to your satisfaction, offering a full refund.  Drive your business forward with peace of mind and efficiency.

Gear-Up FlexPass Plans

A flexible monthly plan empowers you to scale, adjust, or take a break seamlessly.  It’s more than a standard plan; it’s your ally in the ever-changing business landscape.  With the freedom to pivot and evolve, FlexPass aligns with your success rhythm, giving you ultimate control over your business.

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