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Experience our professional, tailored service that guarantees optimal results when collaborating with a VA.  Begin with our 90-day Gear-Up Starter Pack, comprising:

    • personalized 1:1 onboarding,
    • meticulous delegation planning,
    • access to our virtual assistant,
    • and  30-hour allocation of VA services.

Once you unlock the potential of delegation, seamlessly transition to our Gear-Up FlexPass subscription plans, which align seamlessly with the rhythm of your success, guaranteeing your business’s continuous growth with scalable Virtual Assistant support.



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Purchase a Growth Starter Pack for $1,680

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Discover the Power of Delegation

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Subscribe to a Plan that’s Right for You

What’s Included in the Gear-Up Start Pack?


Your Ally in Leadership Development

As we embark on our journey together, you can grow your business without the need to hire additional employees.  Our scheduled Client Alignment time offers invaluable mentorship and accountability for you and your Virtual Assistant.  This ensures that you receive professional guidance and support tailored to your needs.

Task Delegation Plan and Continuous Support

Provide a structured approach for assigning responsibilities and offering ongoing assistance to small business owners.  This strategic and thoughtful allocation of tasks and responsibilities enables the business owner to delegate tasks to the virtual assistant while ensuring continuous support and availability beyond the initial delegation of tasks.

30-Hour Kickstart with a Guarantee

Embark on a seamless journey to productivity with our “30-Hour Kickstart.”  Your Virtual Assistant begins working within 30 hours.  We stand by our commitment to your satisfaction, offering a full refund.  Drive your business forward with peace of mind and efficiency.

Onboarding, Policies, & Procedures

Your  VA has extensive administrative, HR, and sales/marketing expertise,  with over 30 years of proficiency.  And has managed the company for over six years.  To promote a successful working relationship, we provide a tailored orientation session focusing on aspects like skills, availability, work methods, communication, and vital soft skills.


Delegate to Elevate Training Course

Unlock the full potential of your small business with our comprehensive suite of resources designed to empower entrepreneurs like you.  Our Task Delegation Plan, Continued Support, and Delegation to Elevate Course offered through MINEYoBiz Academy provide invaluable tools and insights to help you thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape

Gear-Up FlexPass Plans

A flexible monthly plan empowers you to scale, adjust, or take a break seamlessly.  It’s more than a standard plan; it’s your ally in the ever-changing business landscape.  With the freedom to pivot and evolve, FlexPass aligns with your success rhythm, giving you ultimate control over your business.


Upon completion of the Gear-Up Starter Package, select a monthly subscription plan to extend collaboration with your MINEYoBiz Virtual Assistant. Our subscription plans encompass all virtual assistant services, with customizable options available for durations exceeding 10 hours per month.  Additionally, you have the flexibility to purchase additional hours as needed.


How do I know if a virtual assistant can help my business?

Specializing in assisting entrepreneurs with their first-time virtual assistant delegation, we offer comprehensive services tailored to your needs.  During your Alignment Session, you can discuss any uncertainties about whether a VA is the right fit for you.  Our distinctive process empowers you to identify areas where assistance is needed and guarantees that your desired outcomes are achieved.

Can I start a subscription instead of a Grear-Up Starter Pack?

Our clients embark on their journey with our exclusive Gear-Up Starter Pack (GSP). This personalized onboarding experience holds immense value for each and every client. We are committed to dedicating our efforts during the GSP period to foster a long-term and flourishing partnership. With 90 days at our disposal, we gather crucial data to enhance the overall subscription experience and ensure its excellence.

What is the difference between the Growth Starter Plan and the subscription plans?

Introducing the MINEYoBiz Gear-Up Starter Pack (GSP), a customized solution designed to enhance your collaboration with your virtual assistant and accurately assess your ongoing time needs. Once you have completed the GSP, we will utilize the data collected from the previous 90 days to suggest the most suitable monthly subscription plan for you.

Our monthly plans offer the convenience of automatic enrollment, ensuring you receive a predetermined number of hours that perfectly align with your unique requirements.

What if I don’t use my 30 hours in my Gear-Up Starter Pack?

Unused hours will automatically expire 90 days from your start date.  However, remaining hours from your GSP can be rolled over into a subscription as long as you subscribe before the expiration date. Please note that if you do not subscribe to a plan after your GSP ends, any unused hours will expire.  If you decide to cancel within the first 90 days, you may be eligible for a refund of 50% of the total value of the remaining hours.

What if I need to pause or cancel my subscription?

We understand that life can be unpredictable and are here to accommodate you.  As a subscribed client, you can temporarily pause your subscription for up to 30 days without any fees or penalties.  Additionally, if you decide to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time with just 10 days’ written notice.  We also recognize that your needs may change, and that’s no problem.  You can modify your subscription at any time to ensure it perfectly aligns with the number of hours you require.  We’ll be happy to discuss this during the Alignment Session.

Do I have to train my virtual assistant?

Your virtual assistant is already equipped with expertise and experience in the best practices and tools of the trade.  However, to ensure seamless integration with your unique business processes and preferences, providing your VA with the necessary training is essential.  Communication and collaboration are key to the success of any partnership. Actively participating in your Alignment Sessions allows for the effective conveyance of important details, facilitating a smooth working relationship.

Is there a contract?

Our agreement serves as a framework for seamless business operations between us.  As part of our subscription program, we offer you the flexibility to cancel your MINE Your Business Virtual Solutions Grear-Up Starter Pack within the first 90 days.  In such cases, you will be eligible for a refund of 50% of the total value of the remaining hours.  Additionally, if you decide to cancel your monthly subscription, you can submit a written request at any time.

How will I know what my virtual assistant is doing for me?

As your professional Virtual Service provider, we will provide you with weekly status updates to keep you informed about the progress of your tasks.  These updates will include your timesheet, showcasing the time used versus the time purchased, as well as detailed notes accompanying each time entry.

What can I expect from my Alignment Sessions?

During the initial 90-day period, we kindly request scheduling a weekly Alignment Session to effectively track the progress of your projects and optimize your experience with MINEYoBiz.  These sessions serve as a valuable opportunity to review your projects and provide professional coaching every step of the way to facilitate your business growth.

How do monthly subscription plans work?

When you subscribe after your onboarding period, you can select the plan that perfectly aligns with your requirements.  Your plan will automatically renew every month on the same day you signed up, granting your virtual assistant a fresh set of hours to accomplish tasks.  If you find that you need additional work done before your subscription renews, you also have the option to add extra hours.  It’s important to note that unused hours do not carry over to the next month and will expire upon your next renewal.

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