With MINE Your Business (MYB), we can help you virtually with most of the tasks you would associate with a traditional office assistant.

Have tons of extra work that you need help completing, but think you can’t budget to hire help?  No worries, scroll down to review how you can afford the help you need without breaking the bank.

Select a few hours or a lot, and know that your MYB Virtual assistant will save you crucial time. This becomes time that you can use to … MINE Your Business.

Not just a worker bee; your MYB Virtual Assistant becomes your relationship manager taking care to make sure that we maintain right connection for you – email, call, connect with Zoom/Skype for weekly reviews on the progress of the scope of work completed.

Together we can organize and simplify your business creating intentional systems and processes that will give you freedom and work-life balance.

DON’T SEE the services that you need listed?  Call us…let’s chat!  Let’s customize a package that would best serve your business needs.

Administrative Support

Website Maintenance and Creation

Just a Little
5 Hour Package
Weekly Updates
Project Completion
Unlimited Project Management Support
The Works
20 Hour Package
Weekly Updates
Project Completion
Unlimited Project Management Support

We can work out a custom retainer package if your needs don’t fit within these options.

Choose our a la carte rate of $40/hr. with a two (2) hour minimum commitment.


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Therese was a life saver for my publication process!

I’m so thankful when unexpected changes on our team caught me by surprise that I sent an email to Therese Winters. Publishing a monthly magazine is a complicated process, but I knew she could and would jump in and handle the fast pace with creative energy and a commitment to help us improve our processes. I’ve no doubt that she will not only help improve what we are doing and how we are doing it, but I’ll enjoy working with her on a monthly basis. So glad to have her input and reliability a phone call or email away! I’ve no doubt we are just getting started on helping one another achieve great work and accomplish exciting goals!

Beth Townsend | Publisher,  Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine