The Gear Pro Pack Standard – 25 HRs/MO


+ The Gear Pro Pack Standard includes 25 hours a month
+ Can roll over up to 6 unused hours a month
+ Unused hours over six will expire at the end of the 30-day billing cycle
+ Covers the designed scope of work
+ Work package automatically renews monthly
+ Additional hours can be added if needed at a rate of $45/hour
+ Retainer packages – 100% billed upfront before work commences
+ Subscriptions can be canceled at any time with a 10-day written notice.

Experience unparalleled support and efficiency with the Gear Pro Pack Standard from MINE Your Business Virtual Solutions. Designed to elevate your business operations, this comprehensive package offers a robust suite of services to meet your backend needs seamlessly.
With a generous allocation of 25 hours per month, the Gear Pro Pack Standard ensures that your business receives dedicated assistance to tackle many tasks. From data management to administrative support and beyond, our expert team is here to cover your designed scope of work with precision and expertise.
What sets the Gear Pro Pack Standard apart is its unique rollover feature. You can carry over up to 6 unused hours each month, adding flexibility and value. Any unused hours beyond six will expire at the end of the 30-day billing cycle, encouraging you to maximize your subscription.
Forget about manual renewals – the Gear Pro Pack Standard's work package automatically renews monthly, so you can focus on growing your business while we handle the rest. Should you require additional hours to address extra tasks or projects, you can easily add them at a competitive rate of $45 per hour.
For those seeking a more comprehensive solution, we offer retainer packages that require 100% upfront billing before work commences. This option provides dedicated support and priority service, ensuring your business receives the attention it deserves.
At MINE Your Business Virtual Solutions, we believe in flexibility and transparency. That's why we offer the option to cancel your subscription anytime with a 10-day written notice. We understand that business needs can evolve, and we're here to support you every step of the way.
Discover the power of the Gear Pro Pack Standard and unlock the full potential of your business. Join the satisfied clients who trust MINE Your Business Virtual Solutions for their backend support needs. Subscribe today and experience the difference our dedicated team can make in streamlining your operations and driving your business forward


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