In the busyness of life right now, are you taking care of yourself? Although days may have taken a different look within the previous few months because of this crisis, you may still end up on the go for many long hours. Additionally, you are making stressful decisions, and now spending more hours in close quarters with members of the family. The way you lead your team, or your organization is impacted by the person’s health viewing you within the mirror.

It is often difficult to set aside time to care for yourself physically and mentally once you have such a lot on your plate and when numerous people depend upon you. Yet, without self-care, the chances are much greater than you may experience burnout, exhaustion, or extreme stress. Here are some ideas to assist you with bringing your best self to the office… irrespective of where the office is found.

Perform one task at a time. 

Often there is a push to multitask. Contrary to belief, multitasking does not work. When multitasking productivity is reduced by 40%. It also lowers your IQ and shrinks your brain by reducing density in the region responsible for cognitive and emotional control. So, you do better when we focus on one thing at a time – even if that means closing the door and telling family members that you need to focus on just work.

Prioritize & Plan.

At the beginning of each day, before you are attempting to sort your obligations so as of importance, take the time to compile a comprehensive list of everything that you just need or want to accomplish. Divide your list into sections for various varieties of tasks. What does not make the list, does not get done.


The most effective business owner uses the “70 percent rule.” Put simply, if some other person could perform the task and is able to do so at a level of at least 70 percent of that of the owner, the business owner should delegate the task. The upside for the owner is that he does not have to spend any time on that task. The “return on time” if he doesn’t try this task is infinite, additionally to gaining that very same time to speculate in a very higher impact project

And this is often not exclusive to only work-related things.

Determine what you will delegate round the house, too. Spouses, kids, delivery services, and more are all ways of delegating, so you will have longer to focus and be intentional about what you spend your time doing.

Develop healthy boundaries . . . learn to say “NO.”

Are you usually a “yes” individual that wants to assist others out, but you regularly end up resentful because there is no time for you? You do not like saying “no” because you do not want to disappoint others. By always saying “yes” to your clients, family, and friends you are giving your power away. Instead, we would like to keep our power within us so we will make decisions that best serve us.

The next time someone asks you to do something, stop, and give some thought to it first. Are you doing this because it is something you actually want to try and do or be involved in? If “yes,” it is fantastic to move ahead and have a good time doing this. If it is taking you away from the chance to try and do something for you or to spend time with someone you love, practice saying “NO.” By saying no, you will have more time for you and the people that matter most in your life. It’s okay to say NO… Decline tasks and invitations if you are overloaded. And before you say yes, go back to your list of priorities to review what’s important.

Don’t forget…do you first. You Come First!

It’s unattainable to be the most effective version of yourself if you do not start putting yourself as number one. Pour into yourself a little every day so you will be able to be the most effective version of yourself for you and others by investing in your physical and mental state. It is often as simple as starting your day with a walk, ensuring you are eating healthy meals or saving a few minutes before bed for reading or journaling, having a 

calming beverage. These moments increase your self-care routine. Be open to finding an opportunity that presents itself during the day. You will be able to actually complete tasks better and faster by taking a break and allowing your brain to change gears.

And, when the social distancing has changed and we are ready to travel, for your personal health as well as your business; owners must understand the importance of scheduling extended time without work. We must take vacations to permit our bodies time to rest which reduces heart attacks, in keeping with the Framingham Heart Study. Framingham Heart Study.  Taking a vacation is typically exactly what you need to hit the refresh button on a schedule that is growing increasingly tiring.

Allow Space-Time-block your calendar to get more stuff done. 

Time blocking is vital for planning out every moment of your day beforehand and dedicating specific time for completing tasks and responsibilities. It’s most vital to be intentional about leaving room in your calendar for opportunities to tackle smaller, lower-priority tasks that never seem to get attention additionally to provide unforeseen events. 

Let’s face it, LIFE Happens…be prepared by knowing things happen and permit time for the unexpected.

Give Grace – Accept and fix mistakes.  

Accept that you will make mistakes – and accept that it’s really OK. Take responsibility for them and learn from the experiences so you will be able to not make identical mistakes again. There is much power gained from admitting a blunder.

Entrepreneurs are usually judged by how they react to a blunder, not by the error itself. We 

are human, and mistakes happen — you will feel better mentally and physically if you acknowledge your errors and grow from them instead of denying their existence. Tomorrow could be a fresh start ripe with opportunities and possibilities. And it is all yours.

Celebrate your Accomplishments. 

As business owners, we tend to be really hard on ourselves sometimes. We try to conquer our goals and to own successful businesses, but sometimes shirk celebrating our accomplishments. Take some time to look back at how much you have learned, what you have accomplished. It does not matter if it is big or small.

Success is simply a series of small wins. When you celebrate, endorphins are released inside your body and you are feeling incredible. However, when you accomplish something and do not take the time to celebrate, you are robbing yourself of a very important feeling that reinforces your success. Celebrating your wins not only feels great physically, but it also reinforces the positive attitude and behavior you want to have shown up when you face a new challenge or opportunity.

It has been said that “Your life is a journey of learning to love yourself first and then extending that love to others in every encounter”, Oprah Winfrey. Avoid the shiny allure of just being busy. Life is a journey and often does not go straight to the destination. We must intentionality make the journey, with forethought and execution – and not just today, but every single day as long as we are alive. Make the time that you have a priority and balance well between your work-from-home engagement and it will truly help your momentum, that of your team, and your organization.

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