Building the perfect team to drive business growth can be challenging for many leaders.  Hiring can feel overwhelming, but there’s no need to worry.  That’s where MINEYoBiz comes in.  We are here to offer our assistance and become your trusted partner in expanding your business and taking it to the next level.  Together, we’ll relieve you from the burden of shouldering all the responsibilities on your own.  Our main objective is to bring your vision to life.


Founded in 2017, MINE Your Business Virtual Solutions is a remote virtual assistant company that specializes in providing a comprehensive range of services to meet diverse administrative needs.  As the owner, I am a highly skilled professional who is passionate about what we do and committed to delivering exceptional service.  We believe in going above and beyond mere words or friendliness – our dedication reflects our shared commitment to serve others wholeheartedly.  Central to our mission is the desire to glorify God through empowering solutions that enable our clients to reach new heights.


As a busy leader, you face a myriad of demands every day.  From managing emails and staying updated on project developments to creating essential documents, the intricate details necessary for a thriving business can consume significant time.  At MINEYoBiz, our virtual work services start at just $40 per hour, allowing you to take your business to new heights.  We are dedicated to increasing our monthly output and optimizing our work to ensure the successful completion of your projects and a strong return on investment.

Instead of getting caught up in time-consuming administrative tasks, you can reclaim your most valuable asset in business: time.  With MINEYoBiz, you can focus on what truly matters and concentrate on driving your business forward.


Managing social media has evolved from a simple independent task to an essential strategic component.  To effectively connect with your target audience, a well-thought-out plan is crucial.  This is where our Social Media Managers come in.  They efficiently handle the influx of notifications, ensuring that prospects and customers engaging with your social media receive prompt and personalized responses.  Our Social Media Managers also excel at optimizing their time to deliver increased monthly output, maximizing your return on investment.  By entrusting your unique social media needs to a MINEYoBiz Social Media Manager, you can focus on what you’re truly passionate about – steering and expanding your business.  Let us construct a strong online presence for you that is diverse, extensive, and exhaustive so you can get back to doing what you love.


We support our clients by providing flexible and affordable services to help them achieve their goals.  Our clients have the freedom to choose the exact services they need from a range of pricing options customized to fit their budget.  By collaborating closely with our clients, we understand their requirements and create a personalized plan to help them achieve their objectives.  Additionally, we are here to help you save time in your day.  Starting this journey is the easiest thing you’ll do all day.

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